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Image of Standard Grade PVC Bulk Roll, 400mm wide and 3mm thick, suitable for extensive barrier solutions in diverse settings, showcasing its thickness and adaptability.

    Standard Grade PVC Bulk Roll 400mm x 3mm

      Additional information
      • Energy saving
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Ideal for pest control
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • Suitable for temperatures from -10c - +38c
      • Fabricate your own curtains by purchasing our hanging system separately

      Discover superior protection and efficiency with our Heavy Duty PVC Strip Curtains Bulk Roll 400mm x 3mm. Engineered to meet the demands of high-traffic areas and harsh conditions, these PVC strip curtains are the ultimate solution for industrial, commercial, and warehouse environments seeking robust barriers against noise, dust, and temperature fluctuations.

      Built for Tough Environments

      Our heavy duty PVC strip curtains are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy machinery, frequent foot traffic, and extreme temperature changes. This makes them ideal for locations like warehouses, factories, and cold storage facilities, where maintaining environmental control and operational efficiency is critical.

      Optimize Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency

      With our high-quality PVC strip curtains, keep your interior spaces insulated and reduce energy costs. By preventing the loss of heated or cooled air, these strip curtains ensure a more consistent temperature, contributing to a more comfortable and cost-effective work environment.

      Enhance Safety and Visibility

      Safety in the workplace is paramount, and our PVC strip curtains contribute to creating a safer environment. The transparency of the strips provides excellent visibility, allowing employees to move safely and efficiently between different areas of your facility.

      Versatile and Customizable

      Our heavy-duty PVC strip curtains are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. The bulk roll format allows you to cut the material to the exact lengths required for your doorways or openings, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration into your workspace.

      Durable and Easy to Maintain

      Invest in a long-term solution with our Standard Grade PVC Bulk Roll 400mm x 3mm. These strip curtains are durable and resistant to wear and tear but easy to clean and maintain, ensuring clear visibility and reliability for years to come.

      Elevate Your Space Today

      Upgrade your facility with the strength and reliability of our Heavy Duty PVC Strip Curtains Bulk Roll 400mm x 3mm. Visit Strip Curtains Direct today to find the ideal solution for enhancing your space's efficiency, safety, and comfort.