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Retractable Ventalite fly screen with fibreglass mesh and anti-wind mechanism, showing the sleek integration on a window.
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    Retactable Ventalite Fly Screen

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      Additional information
      • Durable construction made from high-quality materials for long-lasting use
      • Retractable design allows for easy operation and space-saving storage
      • Provides effective insect control while allowing fresh air to circulate
      • Fine mesh design ensures visibility and natural light entry while providing protection
      • Versatile applications, ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial settings
      • Easy installation with minimal tools required
      • Low maintenance, easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment
      • Customizable fit available in various sizes to meet specific requirements and applications
      • Safe and non-toxic, made from materials safe for use in homes and businesses


      Discover elegance and functionality with our Retractable Ventalite, a top-tier fly screen designed for wooden and uPVC window frames. This innovative product features a durable fibreglass mesh with an anti-wind mechanism to keep it secure even under duress.

      Notable Features of Our Retractable Ventalite Fly Screen

      • Sleek Integration: Custom-designed to fit seamlessly into your window setup without disturbing the aesthetics.
      • Durable Construction: The fibreglass mesh is built to last, withstanding the elements effortlessly.
      • Smooth Operation: A user-friendly braking device allows for gentle retraction, making usage a breeze.
      • Tailored Fit: Each Retractable Ventalite Fly Screen is adjustable, ensuring a perfect match for your window dimensions.

      Perfect for Residential and Commercial Use

      The Retractable Ventalite Fly Screen is ideal for those prioritising neat appearance and functionality. It provides a harmonious blend of discretion and effectiveness in pest control.

      Upgrade to the Retractable Ventalite today and transform your space into a sophisticated, insect-free environment.

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