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Plastic Bin Shelving

    Plastic Bin Shelving

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      The Plastic Bin Shelving is a J Rivet Bay with Shelves designed specifically to provide storage for plastic bins. This shelving system comes in different sizes to meet the needs of various storage environments. It is included with Rhino Tuff Plastic Parts Bins, making it an ideal solution for workshops, garages, or other storage spaces.

      The easy-to-install design of the Plastic Bin Shelving allows you to set it up in minutes, giving you a convenient and efficient way to store your plastic bins. The adjustable shelving provides customizable storage options, allowing you to store your bins in a way that works best for you.

      The high-quality materials used to manufacture the Plastic Bin Shelving ensure durability and stability, even with heavy bins. Whether you need to store small or large bins, the Plastic Bin Shelving is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a robust and efficient storage solution for their plastic bins.