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Custom Red Screenflex Welding PVC Curtain in an industrial setting, offering protection against welding sparks and UV light while maintaining visibility.
Custom Green Screenflex Welding PVC Curtain in an industrial setting, offering protection against welding sparks and UV light while maintaining visibility.

    Made To Measure Screenflex Welding PVC Strip Curtains

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      Additional information
      •  Fireproofed to protect buildings, equipment and people. 
      • Transparent Material.
      • Complies with EN1598, AWS F2.3 and ISO 25980
      • Face fixed or under lintel fixed
      • Easy to install
      • Suitable for temperatures from -10c - +38c

      Maximize safety and efficiency in your workspace with our Made-to-Measure Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains. Tailored to fit any industrial setting, these curtains are specifically designed to shield and protect against the hazards associated with welding, such as sparks, spatter, and intense light.

      Why Choose Our Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains?

      Our welding curtains are constructed from durable PVC materials that withstand the harsh conditions of welding operations while providing visibility and light transmission as needed. They help create a safer work environment by confining welding hazards and improving overall workplace safety.

      Key Benefits of Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains:

      • Experience a new level of safety with our Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains. These curtains are not just a shield but a fortress that protects workers and bystanders from welding hazards like UV light, sparks, and spatter. With our curtains, you can ensure the safety of your workspace without compromising on efficiency.
      • Enjoy the convenience of a perfect fit with our Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains. They are meticulously tailored to the specific measurements of your workspace, ensuring maximum coverage and effectiveness.
      • Rest assured with our Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains. They are crafted from high-grade PVC, designed to resist burning and withstand typical wear and tear in industrial environments.

      Features of Our Made-to-Measure Welding Curtains:

      • UV Protection: It blocks harmful UV rays effectively and is crucial for worker safety during welding operations.
      • See-through Design: Allows for sufficient visibility, enabling supervisors and workers to monitor safety and progress without risk exposure.
      • Setting up your safety Shield has never been easier! Our Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains have all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free installation. With its straightforward setup, you can have your safety measures in place quickly, ensuring a secure and productive industrial environment.

      Get Your Custom Welding PVC Curtains Now!

      Enhance the functionality and safety of your welding areas with our Screenflex Welding PVC Curtains. Place your order today to ensure a safer and more efficient workspace.


      SCREENFLEX PVC has been specifically designed to protect people from dangerous radiation and projection from hot metal during welding.

      SCREENFLEX complies with international standards and regulations for “Health and Safety in Welding” (ISO 25980, EN 1598 in Europe and AWS F2.3 in the USA) 

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