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Double doors with fly screen mesh on the inside view and plain steel on the outside view, providing secure dual aspect.
Close-up of a durable grey fly screen door corner, showing the sturdy frame and fine mesh detail.
Detailed view of the fly screen door's robust hinge design, emphasizing its strong build for security.
Security door handle on a grey metal door, featuring a high-security locking mechanism and sleek design.
Sophisticated multi-point locking system on a fly screen security door, showcasing the heavy-duty security features.
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    Heavy Duty Fly Screen Security Door

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      Additional information

      Consider the Heavy Duty Fly Screen Security Door for robust security and pest control. It features a heavy-duty structure, expandable frames for varying widths, and a high-standard powder coat finish. The door integrates a grille and insect screen, providing fully adjustable airflow and compliance with food safety regulations. The reinforced construction, complete with a multi-point locking system, ensures safety and durability for industrial applications.

      • Heavy Duty.
      • Expandable door frames are available in the following widths: 830-890mm, 880-940mm, 980-1040mm, and 1100-1160mm POA.
      • Standard frame height: 2075mm (has the ability to be altered) POA.
      • Powder-coated grey as standard.
      • CE marked/approved product.
      • Reinforced panel for friction stay or door closer.
      • Easily removable threshold.
      • Two anti-jemmy hinge bolts.
      • 15mm anti-jemmy lip to all edges of the door leaf.

      Features and Benefits

      • Two doors in one.
      • Fully adjustable airflow.
      • Complies with food safety regulations.
      • Integrated heavy duty grille and insect screen.

      The Frame

      • 4 x Heavy Duty lift-off hinges that offer security and easy installation.
      • Expandable door frames to suit the following widths: 830-890mm, 880-940mm, 980-1040mm and 1100-1160mm.
      • Full weather seal to all four sides of the frame. 
      • 3 x fixing points down each side of the door frame for easy installation.
      • Easily removable threshold.
      • 2mm thick pre-lacquered cold rolled steel frame.

      Door Leaf

      • 2 x 1mm pre-lacquered cold rolled steel sheets.
      • 15mm anti-jemmy lip to all edges.
      • Powder-coated grey as standard.
      • 50mm thick door leaf.
      • 2 x steel strengthening structural supports running through the door.
      • It is filled with fibreglass/mineral wool for insulation.

      Locking System

      • 9-12 Point heavy duty locking system pre-installed into the door.
      • 2 x anti-jemmy hinge bolts.
      • Drill and impact proof locking system.
      • Operated by a euro profile security cylinder (cylinder can be upgraded to a higher spec security cylinder).

      Please contact us at 0333 999 771 to request a heavy duty flyscreen security door quote.