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Thick Double Ribbed Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip, 300mm wide, ideal for high-traffic areas requiring durable and effective environmental barriers.

    Double Ribbed Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip (300mm x 3mm)

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      Optimise the performance and durability of your strip curtains with our Double Ribbed Grade Curtain Replacement Strip. This 300mm-wide strip is designed for environments with heavy traffic and frequent impacts, such as forklifts moving pallets in warehouses, shopping carts in supermarkets, and trucks unloading goods at loading docks. The double-ribbed pattern enhances the strip's resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan and better protection against environmental elements.

      Why Invest in Our Double Ribbed Replacement Strip?

      The unique double-ribbed design of these strips significantly reduces the damage typically caused by equipment and pedestrian traffic. This feature prolongs the strip's life and maintains its clarity and effectiveness in temperature control and pest deterrence.

      Key Benefits of the 300mm Double Ribbed Grade Replacement Strips:

      • Increased Durability: The double ribs provide extra strength, making the strips more resistant to scratches and tears.
      • Enhanced Insulation: Our strips improve energy efficiency by sealing off environments, effectively reducing heating and cooling costs. By investing in our Double Ribbed Grade Curtain Replacement Strip, you're getting a durable and smart solution that helps you save on energy expenses.
      • Simplified Maintenance: Our strips are designed to be easier to clean and less likely to stick together than standard strips. This feature not only ensures a cleaner, more effective barrier but also reduces the time and effort you need to spend on maintenance, giving you peace of mind.

      Features of the Double Ribbed Grade Curtain Replacement Strip (300mm):

      • High-Quality PVC Construction: Built to withstand industrial use and environmental exposure rigours.
      • Impact Absorption: The ribbed surface lessens the impact force, helping preserve the strip's integrity over time.
      • Customisable Length: Our strips are available in various lengths to suit different installation needs. This ensures a perfect fit for your curtain systems, giving you the reassurance that our product is tailored to your specific requirements.

      Revitalise Your Strip Curtains Today!

      Choose our Double Ribbed Grade Curtain Replacement Strip (300mm) for enhanced durability and performance in demanding settings. Place your order today to secure a reliable and long-lasting solution for your traffic-heavy areas. Don't wait; start optimising your strip curtains today!

      Key Features:

      • Energy saving
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Ideal for pest control
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • Suitable for temperatures from -10c - +38c