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Industrial-size Cold Stop® Insulated Curtain installed at a large chiller entrance, demonstrating robust insulation and featuring visible safety windows for improved operational safety.

    Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains for Chillers - Industrial Size

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      Step up the efficiency of your industrial chiller systems with our Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains designed for industrial-sized applications. These curtains optimize energy use and enhance the operational dynamics of large-scale cooling systems by providing outstanding insulation properties.

      Why Choose Our Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains for Industrial Applications?

      Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains are engineered using the latest [thermal barrier technology], which delivers exceptional thermal resistance and durability, perfect for industrial settings. These curtains are a robust thermal barrier, significantly reducing energy consumption by maintaining stable temperature levels within chiller environments.

      Benefits of Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains for Industrial Chillers:

      • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Our Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains can help you save up to [20%] on energy costs by improving temperature control, reducing the demand on your chiller systems and prolonging their lifespan.
      • Superior Durability: Our Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains are not just resilient; they're built to last. Made from high-quality materials, they can withstand the harshest industrial conditions, giving you the confidence that your investment will pay off in the long run.
      • Easy Maintenance: We understand that your time is valuable. That's why our Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains are designed for practicality. They're simple to install and maintain, reducing downtime and labour costs and giving you peace of mind about their upkeep.

      Features of Our Industrial-Size Chiller Curtains:

      Our Insulated Curtains are equipped with features that enhance their functionality and ease of use:

      • Customisable Fit: Our curtains can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of industrial doorway sizes, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal insulation. 
      • Heavy-Duty Construction: Despite their robust insulation, these curtains are engineered to facilitate easy passage for machinery and personnel.
      • Visibility Windows: Integrated transparent sections improve safety by providing visibility and aiding in the safe movement of personnel and equipment through entry points.

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      Elevate the efficiency of your chiller operations with Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains. Place your order today and help your business achieve superior energy management and operational effectiveness.


      • Tempro Cold Stop Insulated curtains provide minimum energy savings of 25% in chillers to 33% plus in freezers.
      • They are low maintenance and easily cleanable if they become dirty.
      • Due to its lightweight and flexible nature, the material does not split, which avoids having to buy replacements and saves money in the long run.
      • The life span of each strip is 5-6 times longer than the standard PVC material found on Strip Curtains.
      • The hanging system creates a 'cold lock' system, which ensures that the curtains fit neatly to your opening and effectively to floors and ceilings, saving energy costs.
      • Soft and user-friendly
      • A strong and secure hanging system prevents them from unhooking and coming down. It also prevents anyone from removing the curtains unless necessary.

       Thermal Information


      Above is a table showing the results which were given to us by Campden BRI.

      Tempro has been proven to save you much more than the standard PVC Strip material. It has been shown to improve energy bills by up to 33% and greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Below is a table of figures gathered showing the savings we would expect from the standard door sizes we offer. (Taken with an ambient temperature of 15C and internal temperature of -17C).