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Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains - Freezers - Pedestrian Size

    Cold Stop® Insulated Curtains - Freezers - Pedestrian Size

      Additional information

      Cold Stop® Curtains are designed as an alternative to standard PVC Strip Curtains to be used in Coldrooms and Freezers

      Compared to standard PVC Strip Curtains, Cold Stop® Curtains are Tempro which gives these curtains greater thermal properties which is better than the standard PVC material, resulting in energy reductions. 

      Cold Stop® Curtains come in standard strip widths of 300mm and offer a  quick and easy installation 

      Tempro is Fire Retardant to BS5867: Pt 2 1980

      Cold Stop® Curtains come on two different types of hanging system:

      CS Track - Aluminium Track, White Pelmet and Plastic Hooks

      Flathead - Aluminium Bar

      Proven with thermal imaging equipment, when the Cold Stop® Curtains were placed within a freezer, the outside temperature came in with results of 10c, and the inside temperature gave the results of -21C A 31C difference. 


      • Tempro Cold Stop® Insulated curtains provides minimum energy savings of 25% in chillers to 33% plus in freezers.
      • Low maintenance and easily cleanable if they do become dirty.
      • Due to being light weight and their flexibility, the material does not split which avoids having to buy replacements, saving more money in the long run.
      • Life span of each strip is 5-6 times longer than the standard PVC material found on Strip Curtains.
      • Hanging system creates a 'cold lock' system which ensures that the curtains fit neatly to your opening and effectively to floors and ceilings, which also saves cost on energy.
      • Soft and user friendly
      • Strong and secure hanging system which reduces the ability for them to unhook and come down. This also makes it so no one can remove the curtains unless necessary.


      Thermal Information



      Above is a table showing results which were given to us and taken by Campden BRI.

      Tempro has proven to save you much more than the standard PVC Strip material. It has shown to improve energy bills by up to 33% and greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Below is a table of figures which were gathered showing saving which we would expect from the standard door sizes which we offer. (Taken with an ambient temperature of 15C and internal temperature of -17C).