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 COBAGRiP® Stair Nosing: High-quality stair nosing designed for enhanced stair safety.

    COBAGRiP® Stair Nosing

      Additional information
      • High-quality construction
      • Made from durable and weather-resistant materials
      • Designed to provide enhanced safety on stairs
      • Anti-slip surface for increased traction
      • Suitable for use in industrial, commercial, and residential settings
      • Easy to install with minimal tools required
      • Helps to prevent slips, trips, and falls
      • Low maintenance, easy to clean and maintain
      • Available in various sizes and colours to meet specific needs

      Enhance the safety and functionality of your stairs with COBAGRiP® Stair Nosing. Constructed from high-quality, durable, and weather-resistant materials, this stair nosing is designed for long-lasting performance and provides a secure and efficient solution for improving stair safety. The anti-slip surface ensures increased traction, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls, making it ideal for use in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

      Easy to install with minimal tools required, COBAGRiP® Stair Nosing helps maintain a safe and organised environment by providing a secure footing on stairs. Low maintenance and easy to clean, this stair nosing offers a practical and reliable solution for enhancing stair safety.

      Ideal for use in factories, offices, homes, and other settings where stair safety is paramount, COBAGRiP® Stair Nosing ensures that your stairways remain safe, efficient, and well-maintained.

      Technical Specification:

      • Environmental Resistance: Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
      • Fire Tested to: DIN 13501: Bfl - s1 (2018) & EN ISO 11925-2:2020 & EN ISO 9239-1:2010 (both 2021)
      • Installation Method: Bond or screw to surface
      • Material: GRP
      • Max. Operating Temperature: +90°C
      • Min. Operating Temperature: -50°C
      • Product Height: 5mm
      • Slip Tested to: DIN 51130 - R13 & BS 7976-2 - low slip potential
      • Typical Application: External Steps