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Centre Pivot Fly Screens installed on a double-hinged window, with one screen outside the top half and another inside the bottom half
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    Centre Pivot Fly Screen

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      Additional information

      Introducing the Centre Pivot Fly Screens - Optimized for Versatility

      Enhance the functionality of your pivot windows with our Centre Pivot Fly Screens, designed for windows that hinge in the middle and open both inward and outward. This dual-screen setup allows the window to operate normally, with one screen fixed externally on the top half and another internally on the bottom half, ensuring effective pest control without hindering window function.

      Key Features of Our Centre Pivot Fly Screens

      • Efficient Design: Tailored for windows that pivot at the centre, facilitating smooth operation without interference.
      • Comprehensive Protection: Each screen keeps insects out while allowing for natural ventilation, thanks to the brush strip that seals the gap between the screens.
      • Durable and Discreet, it is Built with high-quality materials that blend seamlessly with your window frame, enhancing both function and aesthetics.
      • Custom Fit: Made to measure for perfect alignment with your specific window dimensions, ensuring no gaps or misfits.

      Ideal for Residential and Commercial Spaces

      Perfect for any setting requiring flexible window operations—from homes to offices—our Centre Pivot Fly Screens provide a practical and stylish solution to insect protection.

      Explore the benefits of our Centre Pivot Fly Screens and ensure your space is comfortable and insect-free.

      This product is stocked on request, please call 0333 999 7171 now for a quote.