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Canopy Box Insect Screen installed on an external window canopy, protecting against insects while allowing ventilation
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    Canopy Box Fly Screen

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      Additional information

      Introducing the Canopy Box Fly Screen - Perfect for External Applications

      Explore the versatile Canopy Box Fly Screen, explicitly designed for instances where internal screening is impractical. Ideal for affixing to the external surfaces of canopies, this screen protects roof vents, louvres, and centre-pivot windows from pests while allowing airflow.

      Key Features of Our Canopy Box Insect Screen

      • External Application: Attaches directly to the outside of canopies, making it suitable for areas that cannot accommodate internal screens.
      • Enhanced Protection: Provides effective shielding against insects and debris, ensuring clean and clear external vent areas.
      • Durable and Robust: Constructed to withstand external environmental conditions, offering longevity and reliability.

      Ideal for Various Outdoor Settings

      Whether you're looking to cover external vents or need a screening solution for specific window types, the Canopy Box Fly Screen is your go-to option for external insect protection.

      Ensure your external vents and windows are protected with our Canopy Box Insect Screen, designed for efficiency and durability.

      This product is stocked on request; please call 0333 999 7171 now for a quote.