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Antimicrobial PVC Curtains Kit 200mm x 2mm
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Antimicrobial Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 200mm x 2mm
Antimicrobial PVC Curtains Kit 200mm x 2mm

    Antimicrobial PVC Curtains Kit 200mm x 2mm

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      Antimicrobial PVC Strip Curtains Kit 200mm x 2mm: Hygiene and Protection Redefined

      Elevate your workspace's sanitation and safety standards with our Antimicrobial PVC Strip Curtains Kit 200mm x 2mm. Designed specifically for environments where cleanliness is paramount, such as healthcare facilities, food processing plants, and commercial kitchens, this kit offers an effective solution to maintain a hygienic, contaminant-free area.

      Advanced Antimicrobial Technology

      Our antimicrobial PVC strip curtains are infused with cutting-edge technology that actively inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, and fungi. This ensures a cleaner environment and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. By installing these curtains, you contribute to a safer, more sanitary workspace, crucial for staff and customer well-being.

      Optimal Clarity and Durability

      Despite their specialized antimicrobial properties, these PVC strip curtains do not compromise durability or visibility. The transparent strips allow natural light to enter your space, maintaining visibility and safety while offering the resilience needed for high-traffic areas.

      Easy Installation and Customizable Lengths

      Our Antimicrobial PVC Curtains Kit comes ready to install, with all necessary components included, making setup quick and straightforward. Each strip can be cut to the desired length, ensuring a perfect fit for any doorway or partition and providing versatile solutions for your needs.

      Enhance Hygiene and Energy Efficiency

      Not only do these curtains prevent the spread of microorganisms, but they also help maintain temperature control, contributing to energy efficiency. Keep conditioned air inside and external contaminants out, creating a more comfortable and cost-effective environment.

      Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting Protection

      Invest in a solution that offers long-term hygiene with minimal upkeep. Our antimicrobial PVC strip curtains are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring ongoing protection against bacteria and other pathogens without frequent replacements.

      Secure a Healthier Environment Today

      Transform your space with the protective power of our Antimicrobial PVC Strip Curtains Kit 200mm x 2mm. Visit Strip Curtains Direct now to discover how these advanced solutions can enhance your workplace's cleanliness, safety, and efficiency.


      • Energy-saving strip curtain
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Ideal for pest control
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • Clear PVC strips with a 36% overlap
      • Coloured warning strips are also available
      • Face fixed or under lintel fixed
      • Easy to install
      • Suitable for temperatures from -55c - +25c
      • Kills Bacteria
      • Anti-mould and fungi