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Antimicrobial Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 2mm

    Antimicrobial Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 2mm

      Additional information
      • Energy-saving PVC strip curtain
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Ideal for pest control
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • Clear PVC strips with a 36% overlap
      • Coloured warning strips are also available
      • Face fixed or under lintel fixed
      • Easy to install
      • Suitable for temperatures from -55c - +25c
      • Kills Bacteria
      • Anti-mould and fungi

      Upgrade sanitary defences with the Antimicrobial Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 2mm. This replacement strip is tailored for areas demanding the highest cleanliness levels, such as medical facilities, food services, and laboratories. It is a crucial component in maintaining an environment that is clean and actively combats the spread of germs.

      Superior Antimicrobial Action

      Our replacement strip is infused with advanced antimicrobial technology, designed to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi. The antimicrobial PVC strip curtains ensure continuous protection against contaminants, are ideal for high-risk environments and support a safer, healthier workspace.

      Durable, Clear, and Effective

      This PVC curtain replacement strip maintains clarity and durability despite its heavy-duty antimicrobial properties. It ensures unobstructed visibility and safety for personnel, while the robust 3mm thickness withstands the demands of busy, high-traffic areas.

      Easy Integration for Uninterrupted Protection

      Seamlessly compatible with your existing curtain systems, the Antimicrobial Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip is designed for easy installation, enabling quick updates to your protective barriers without significant downtime, ensuring uninterrupted hygienic control.

      Maintain Temperature and Improve Energy Efficiency

      Beyond microbial control, this strip helps seal environments effectively, maintaining temperature consistency and contributing to energy savings. Keep your spaces comfortable and cost-efficient while adhering to health and safety standards.

      Simple Maintenance, Lasting Hygiene

      Crafted for ease of care, our antimicrobial PVC strips require minimal maintenance to sustain their cleanliness and antimicrobial effectiveness. Regular cleaning extends the life and efficacy of the strip, ensuring ongoing hygiene and peace of mind.

      Secure Continuous Sanitary Safety

      Ensure your premises remain up to standard with our Antimicrobial Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 2mm. Visit Strip Curtains Direct today to replenish your health and safety measures and reinforce your commitment to a clean, safe, and efficient environment.