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Photograph showing the Anti-Insect PVC Curtain Replacement Strip, 200mm wide and 2mm thick, designed to integrate seamlessly into existing setups, providing effective pest control and maintaining hygiene standards.

    Anti Insect PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 200mm x 2mm

      Additional information
      • Energy-saving strip curtain
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Specifically formulated for the control of pests and flying insects
      • PVC strips with a 36% overlap
      • Coloured warning strips also available
      • Suitable for temperatures from -55c - +38c

      Refresh and reinforce your pest control measures with our Anti-Insect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 200mm x 2mm. Specifically engineered to repel insects while maintaining the integrity and functionality of your existing barrier systems, this replacement strip is essential for businesses prioritizing hygiene and comfort, such as food service areas, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing plants.

      Advanced Insect Repelling Features

      Our replacement strips are imbued with unique properties designed to deter a wide range of flying insects, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted by pests. Integrating these anti-insect PVC strips into your setup provides a hygienic, compliant, and comfortable environment for both staff and customers.

      Optimal Clarity and Durability

      Despite their specialized anti-insect formulation, these PVC curtain replacement strips do not compromise visibility or durability. The clear PVC maintains a light and airy atmosphere, ensuring safety and ease of movement, while the robust material withstands the demands of high-traffic areas.

      Easy to Install and Integrate

      Designed for seamless integration, our Anti-Insect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip allows a hassle-free update to your existing systems. Whether replacing a worn-out section or upgrading for enhanced insect protection, installation is straightforward, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

      Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

      In addition to being effective against pests, these replacement strips are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical repellents, contributing to a safer workspace. Economical and durable, they offer a long-term solution to pest control, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving costs in the long run.

      Enhance Your Pest Control Strategy Today

      Elevate the effectiveness of your pest control measures with our Anti-Insect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 200mm x 2mm. Head to Strip Curtains Direct to secure this essential upgrade, ensuring your space remains clean, compliant, and comfortable for everyone.