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Image illustrating Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains, 300mm wide and 3mm thick, designed to prevent pest entry while maintaining clarity and airflow, ideal for food processing areas and outdoor spaces.
Image showing the replacement strip for Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains, 300mm wide and 3mm thick, designed specifically for maintaining effective insect barrier while ensuring seamless integration with existing curtain setups
Image showcasing the durable Stainless Steel Strip Hanging Rail, designed for the secure and stable mounting of PVC strip curtains in various settings, illustrating its sleek design and robust construction.

    Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtains 300mm x 3mm

      Additional information
      • Energy-saving strip curtain
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Specifically formulated for the control of pests and flying insects
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • PVC strips with a 36% overlap
      • Coloured warning strips also available
      • Face fixed or under lintel fixed
      • Easy to install
      • Suitable for temperatures from -55c - +38c
      • Buy in multiples to cover the area required

      Enhance the hygiene and comfort of your work environment with our Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains 300mm. These strip curtains are expertly designed to repel flying insects and pests, making them perfect for use in food processing areas, kitchens, hospitals, and other spaces where sanitation is crucial.

      Premium Insect Repelling Capabilities

      Our anti-insect PVC strip curtains feature a special formulation that actively repels insects, helping to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. By preventing pests from entering, these curtains reduce the risk of contamination and disease, ensuring your space adheres to health and safety standards.

      Maintain Visibility and Air Circulation

      Unlike solid doors or walls, our 300mm PVC strip curtains allow natural light to enter and air to circulate, keeping your spaces well-lit and ventilated. This ensures a comfortable working environment for your staff while still providing effective pest control.

      Durable and Easy to Maintain

      Constructed from high-quality materials, our anti-insect PVC strip curtains are built to last, resisting wear and tear in busy environments. They are also easy to clean, ensuring they remain effective at repelling pests and maintaining their appearance over time.

      Customisable to Fit Your Needs

      The versatility of our PVC strip curtains means they can be adapted to fit a variety of doorways and openings, providing a flexible solution to your pest control needs. Whether you need to outfit a single doorway or multiple entrances, these curtains can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

      Enhance Workplace Safety and Hygiene

      Invest in the safety and cleanliness of your premises with our Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains 300mm. Visit Strip Curtains Direct today to explore how our effective and efficient solutions can help you create a more hygienic, insect-free environment for your business.