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Close-up view of a Standard Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip, 200mm wide, ideal for restoring and enhancing existing strip curtain installations.

    Standard Grade PVC Strip Curtain Replacement Strip 200mm x 2mm

      Additional information
      • Energy saving
      •  Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Ideal for pest control
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • Suitable for temperatures from -10c - +38c

      Revitalise your PVC curtain setups with our Standard Grade Curtain Replacement Strip, designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing strip curtain systems. These strips are essential for maintaining the functionality and appearance of doorways in warehouses, supermarkets, and other commercial environments. They also contribute to effective energy conservation and environmental control.

      Why Choose Our Standard Grade Curtain Replacement Strip?

      Our replacement strips stand out for their high-quality PVC construction, guaranteeing durability and reliability for daily use. With a versatile width of 200mm, these strips are perfect for repairing or upgrading your current strip curtains, effectively restoring their original effectiveness and efficiency. They are designed to last long, ensuring long-term value for your investment.

      Key Benefits of Using Our Replacement Strips:

      • Experience a significant boost in barrier efficiency: Maintain optimal thermal insulation and dust control with our fresh, new strips.
      • Enjoy cost-effective maintenance: Our Standard Grade Curtain Replacement Strip allows you to extend the life of your existing curtain systems without needing complete replacement, providing reassurance about your investment.
      • Experience the ease of installation: Our Standard Grade Curtain Replacement Strip is designed for hassle-free replacement, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations and relieving potential installation difficulties.

      Features of the Standard Grade Curtain Replacement Strip (200mm):

      • Durable PVC Material: Manufactured from high-grade PVC to withstand the rigours of heavy foot and machinery traffic.
      • Customisable Length: Available in various lengths to match your requirements, ensuring a perfect fit.
      • Energy Saving: Helps conserve energy by maintaining better temperature control and reducing air exchange.

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      Keep your environments controlled and efficient with our Standard Grade Curtain Replacement Strip (200mm). Place your order today to ensure your facilities' continued performance and energy efficiency.