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Photograph showing the Standard Grade PVC Bulk Roll, 300mm wide and 3mm thick, ideal for crafting custom barriers and curtains in diverse environments, highlighting its thickness and durability.

    Standard Grade PVC Bulk Roll 300mm x 3mm

      Additional information
      • Energy saving
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Ideal for pest control
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • Suitable for temperatures from -10c - +38c
      • Fabricate your own PVC strip curtains by purchasing our hanging system separately.

      Discover the ultimate solution for your workplace with our Medium Duty PVC Bulk Roll 300mm x 3mm. Engineered for versatility and resilience, this bulk roll is ideal for crafting custom PVC strip curtains that withstand medium-duty usage, ensuring a safer and more efficient environment for warehouses, garages, and retail spaces.

      Unmatched Durability for Every Setting

      Our medium duty PVC bulk roll provides a durable solution against environmental challenges such as noise, dust, and temperature fluctuations. The 3mm thickness ensures a sturdy barrier in areas of frequent traffic, offering lasting protection and clarity.

      Energy Conservation and Comfort

      Implementing our PVC bulk roll into your space enhances operational efficiency and significantly reduces energy costs. By maintaining stable indoor temperatures, these strip curtains offer an eco-friendly solution to managing your environment's climate.

      Versatility Meets Easy Installation

      Whether you need to cover a doorway, section off a space, or create a more organized working area, our PVC strip curtains are cut to meet your specific needs. The straightforward installation process lets you quickly enjoy the benefits of a well-insulated and quieter workspace.

      Maintain Clear Views and Safe Passages

      With our Medium Duty PVC Bulk Roll 300mm x 3mm, maintain high visibility and safety standards in your workplace. The clear strips ensure that light and visibility are not compromised, making for safer navigation and communication across areas.

      Invest in Quality with Our PVC Bulk Roll

      Choose our Medium Duty PVC Bulk Roll 300mm x 3mm for a high-quality, cost-effective solution to enhance your business's functionality and safety. Visit Strip Curtains Direct today to explore how our PVC solutions can transform your space into a more productive and secure environment.