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Supoer Polar Grade PVC Bulk Roll

    Super Polar Grade PVC Bulk Roll 200mm x 2mm

      Additional information
      • High-quality super polar PVC material for superior durability and performance
      • Excellent temperature control, designed to withstand and maintain extremely low temperatures
      • Ideal for cold storage environments such as walk-in freezers and refrigerated warehouses
      • 200mm width provides effective coverage for various applications
      • Flexible and durable, resistant to cracking and tearing in harsh conditions
      • Clear PVC ensures visibility while providing an effective barrier
      • Easy to install and maintain, offering a practical solution for temperature management
      • Energy efficient, helping to reduce energy costs by maintaining stable temperatures

      Upgrade your workspace with our Super Polar Curtain Bulk Roll (200mm), designed for optimal temperature control and durability. This high-quality PVC bulk roll is perfect for creating efficient barriers in cold storage areas, walk-in freezers, and other environments where maintaining a specific temperature is crucial.

      Product Features:

      • High-Quality PVC: Made from premium, flexible PVC material, our bulk roll ensures long-lasting performance and resilience in extreme temperatures.
      • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industrial uses, including the creation of PVC strips, PVC sheets, and complete PVC curtain systems.
      • Temperature Control: This super polar curtain is specifically designed to withstand and maintain low temperatures, making it ideal for cold storage solutions.
      • Flexible PVC: Our PVC bulk roll's flexible nature allows for easy installation and adaptability to different configurations and spaces.
      • Comprehensive PVC Range: Explore our wide PVC range, including options for medium and heavy-duty applications, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your needs.

      Why Choose Our Super Polar Curtain Bulk Roll?

      • Durability and Longevity: Our high-quality PVC material guarantees durability and long-term performance, even in harsh conditions.
      • Energy Efficiency: Our PVC curtains help reduce energy costs and improve efficiency in temperature-sensitive environments by maintaining optimal temperature control.
      • Customisable Solutions: In bulk rolls, you can customise the length and size of your PVC strips or sheets to fit your specific requirements.


      • Cold Storage Facilities
      • Walk-in Freezers
      • Industrial Refrigeration Units
      • Food Processing Plants
      • Pharmaceutical Storage

      Key Benefits:

      • High Quality: Constructed from premium materials, ensuring long-lasting use.
      • Temperature PVC: Specifically designed to maintain low temperatures in cold storage areas.
      • Flexible PVC: Easy to install and adapt to various applications and spaces.

      Enhance your cold storage solutions with our superior PVC bulk roll. For customised options and expert assistance, please contact us.