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August 23, 2021

What Makes Our Anti-Microbial Strips So Hygienic?

According to The World Health Organisation article on antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial resistance is a global health threat. Due to misuse and overuse of antimicrobials, there has been a rise in the development of drug-resistant pathogens. And as we have seen over the course of 2020 and 2021 with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is vital to the global population and economy that we can contain and break the chain of infection in regards to harmful bacteria, viruses and so on. Therefore, we are very much reliant on antimicrobials and antimicrobial technology to stunt the spread of harmful bacteria. That is where we at Strip Curtains Direct can provide some support. One of the primary items we stock here at Strip Curtains Direct is our Antimicrobial Material PVC Strip Curtains.

Our antimicrobial technology can be defined as a substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria. Due to this, it makes our range antimicrobial PVC strip curtains the ideal hygiene solution for a variety of industries and workplaces, such as hospitals, schools, and commercial kitchens. These environments require the highest level of hygiene and care therefore something like our selection of antimicrobial PVC materials are perfect for keeping these environments in working order and operating to the highest standard without the fear of bacteria spreading.

The reason that our antimicrobial PVC material is so hygienic is due to the multimodal nature of the technology. This means that when bacteria comes in to contact with the material they struggle to establish themselves and cannot survive. The benefits apart from the obvious of keeping bacteria out becomes clear in the environment of a commercial kitchen. Due to the resistant nature of the material, it prevents stain and odour-causing bacteria to damage the structural qualities of the product and ensure that the surfaces and the surrounding environment of the kitchen remain pristine. With antimicrobial PVC strip curtains, you can lessen and even eliminate mould and fungi growing in a commercial kitchen and even prevent cases of salmonella.

Through the use of antimicrobial technology, workspaces are provided with a layer of protection by keeping bacteria out and keeping surfaces and the surrounding area cleaner. When microbials and bacteria cannot enter the working environment as easily or even settle in that environment, it makes the transfer of said harmful microbes to transfer from surface to surface and in turn from person to person less likely. In a hospital, preventing this transfer is of the upmost importance as there are people who are at serious risk who could be very negatively affected by harmful bacteria as it could lead to a person contracting MRSA or E.Coli as well as encourage the growth of biofilm. With this in mind, a product like our Made to Measure Antimicrobial PVC Curtains Kit can prove to be the perfect addition to such a workplace as it can heighten the safety of somewhere such as a hospital whilst simultaneously lessening the chance of contacting a serious illness.

When it comes to working environments where hygiene is key, our variety of Antimicrobial PVC Strips available here at Strip Curtains Direct are the perfect option in order to maintain the highest standards possible.

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