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December 06, 2016

Warehouse Draughts Be Gone!

Try Our Range of Door Seals and Draught Excluders

Cold draughts are never nice, but imagine working in a constantly cold and draughty warehouse for a living? Unpleasant - to say the least. It is really important that employers look after their employees and do their best to create a nice and pleasant working environment, regardless of the circumstances.

The law states that workplaces must be kept between 16c and 13c, however there are exceptions to this. Many jobs require that you work in temperatures above or below these recommendations and in these instances risk assessments must be carried out to analyse any issues. If you work in a cold storage or food processing and preparation warehouse, temperatures have to be cold. Alternatively, if you work in a warehouse or factory subject to continuous vehicle traffic, it can be difficult to regulate temperatures.

As PVC curtain manufacturers, Strip Curtains Direct specialise in providing high-quality, durable strip curtains at competitive prices. One of the most common uses for our curtains is to control temperatures in working environments. However, sometimes even with special curtains, you can find that cold drafts still pervade. This is why we have launched a fantastic new range of door seals and draught excluders to keep the cold air out no matter what!

Factory Workers

So, why use draught excluders and door seals?

You could save money on heating by creating a more insulated work environment that doesn’t lose heat at a rapid rate and require lots of expensive heating. As a result, you will also save energy, as you will have to spend less on energy bills and creative a more efficient heating system – which is much better for the environment.

Minimising cold air and draughts with door seals and excluders will create a nicer working environment for staff, which could help to boost morale and increase productivity. It might even reduce the amount of sick days they take off due to colds and flu!

Although draught proofing is important, remember not to block any important ventilation systems, especially if you are dealing with chemicals, pollutants, dust, fumes, smoke or vapour that will reduce the air quality. Keeping vents free will also prevent any condensation building up which could turn into damp. 

Strip Curtains Direct, PVC curtain manufacturers, know all about the benefits that door seals and draught excluders can bring to your work environment and we hope that after reading this blog, you do too! Ultimately, they will help to make your workers happier and healthier this Winter, increasing their efficiency and work capacity, which could, in turn, increase your business revenue and profits. It’s a win-win.

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