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July 12, 2021

The Best Warehouse Shelving Systems

Choosing the right type of shelving system for your warehouse depends entirely on your business, the types of materials you handle and your available storage space. However, once you have chosen the right shelving system, workflow will improve, damage to goods will reduce and profitability will increase.


There are many different types of warehouse shelving to choose from and the process of finding the best one can be a difficult task for a business. That’s why we at Strip Curtains Direct have put together a list of the most popular shelving systems and their strengths within a warehouse environment.


Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is typically made from steel and utilises boltless assembly for easy installation. It is the perfect solution if you require long-term and heavyweight storage. The most common and most ideal type of rivet shelving for a warehouse environment is the Heavy-Duty Rivet Shelving. It offers a range of long-term benefits for industrial use and is very common in warehouses that store heavier objects. It is accessible from both sides which maximises efficiency and allows you to increase your vertical storage space by adding more units if needs be.


Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is another popular shelving system. Whether you need industrial storage shelves for your warehouse or your retail store, steel is a viable choice. This shelving unit is robust, durable and ideal for light to medium merchandise. Similar to the rivet shelving, the steel shelving system is very easy to build, disassemble, and move around the warehouse according to the shifting storage requirements.


Plastic Bin Shelving

Plastic bin shelving is a perfect solution to storing a variety of small to medium sized objects in one place. This particular shelving system offers different coloured bins and the labels on each one of them allow you to quickly identify the contents and find what you need easily. The plastic bin shelving has excellent strength and rigidity and offers full access on all four sides. Suitable for factories, commercial workshops or assembly and repair applications.


Clipless Shelving

The clipless shelving system is ideal for a warehouse that requires portability and efficiency in its operations. Although lightweight materials are used in its construction, the clipless shelving system is strong and offers endless versatility. It mainly utilises steel braces which are supported by particle boards for the items. Most clipless shelves can carry upwards of 500 pounds of total weight.


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