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August 24, 2020

Protecting your Employee’s Safety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We have all been working under strange circumstances this year, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting us all—but helping to keep the economy moving forward is essential. 

We know from many of the businesses we work with, that there are great employers out there who have adopted safe working practices. They have made changes to the way they work, developed appropriate risk assessments and communicate clearly with staff on a daily basis.

However, we only need to turn to the news channels to see that there are some employers—across a range of sectors—who have not yet made the practical changes they need in order to keep the workplace as safe as possible for their employees. This includes unsafe work practices in industries such as logistics, retail, waste management, and even parts of the public sector.

This is just not acceptable, especially when employee welfare products are so easy to come by. On our sister site worXmart, for example, there are tonnes of COVID-19 protection products in stock and available for delivery. It’s just so easy to protect your employees and customers, so why wouldn’t you do it?

What does good practice look like?

All workplaces that are operating under COVID-19 should work together with their employees to ensure safe working practices are put into place. These should include:

  • Supporting workers at home, wherever possible
  • Supporting workers to get to and from work safely
  • Introducing changes in work patterns, such as split shifts or staggered start times, in order to promote social distancing
  • Providing personal protective equipment alongside other safety-at-work measures

It’s up to us as business owners, to do everything possible to help contain COVID-19 and prevent its spread—and we can only do that by working together. Please get in touch with the team at Strip Curtains Direct today to find out more about the products we can offer you to help keep your team and customers safe.