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December 03, 2018

Noise Control in a Warehouse Environment

The interiors of most commercial buildings are not built with acoustics in mind, and this is where PVC strips can help. In a warehouse setting, for example, there are many different types of sound reducing options available, and PVC strip curtains are one way you can help to control the noise levels and echo.

The Danger of Noise in the Workplace

The primary health issue associated with noise in the workplace is that employees may develop tinnitus over time (a ringing in their ears). This is a medical condition that can be irreversible in particularly severe cases. However, this is not the only issue with excessive noise - it can also mean that employees cannot hear alarms, alerts from their supervisor or even their colleagues. This can lead to a variety of dangerous scenarios, especially if they are working with moving parts in a factory environment.

There are legal requirements relating to noise in the workplace as well as this. Current regulations from The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) point out that workers must be subject to no more than 85 decibels of noise on average with 87 decibels the maximum allowed.

Buildings and Sound

Sound is quite a complex subject when it comes to buildings, as the sound itself does not pass through surfaces and structures, but instead transmits sound waves as energy which moves through the building structure. Many of the PVC strip curtains that Strip Curtains Direct offer have noise reduction built-in, which will help to reduce the actual sound at source.

It might be easier to understand how this works if you think about it in terms of how light passes through a window. A low-density material curtain will not block all of the light that is coming through, and so if you want to block the light completely, you need to use a more substantial material. The same thing is true when it comes to sound - sound insulation within a building will help with absorbing sound waves, but an industrial PVC curtain can drastically reduce the amount of noise.

Reflective Surfaces and Sound

Battling with the absorption of sound can be especially challenging when you are working in an area that has a lot of reflective surfaces - such as cement, cinder block, glass, granite or metal. If you think about a warehouse environment, it usually contains things such as aluminium ceilings, concrete floors, cement walls and steel beams.

As with light, sound will bounce off reflective surfaces like this, especially if they are low frequency. This is why having a PVC strip curtain is essential in any area that has a large number of reflective surfaces. Warehouses are large open areas traditionally, which gives sound more of a chance to travel and reflect than in other settings. An effective sound barrier is, therefore, a great way to redirect many of these sound vibrations.

Noise Reduction in Large Spaces

Most large workspaces, such as warehouses, will need some kind of noise reduction due to the level of noise, type of noise, distance from the source of noise, the high or low-level frequency of sound, and the number of reflective surfaces. Using strip curtains in the warehouse environment therefore not only makes it a safer working environment for employees but also helps to control excess noise.

If you own a warehouse and are looking for ways to cut the amount of noise pollution within it, please contact Strip Curtains Direct today for a free quote.