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January 05, 2021

Maximising your warehouse efficiency for ecommerce merchandise


When it comes to successful online retail, one of the most important parts of the process is where you store your inventory, this is where Ecommerce Warehousing comes in to play. Ecommerce warehousing is the storage of physical goods before they are sold online. This method of storage takes place in ecommerce warehouses or fulfilment centres. Warehouses can be more than just places to keep stock, it’s about the management system you implement to keep track of the flow of products arriving and departing the warehouse, as well as stock numbers.

What are the benefits?

Warehousing has a vast range of benefits that suit ecommerce businesses of all sizes. Since the rise of the Amazon Prime Effect, customers have grown accustomed to receiving their orders quickly at affordable prices whenever they shop. If its within your budget, its useful to have a few warehouses dotted around the country, this will help to bring your inventory closer to customers so that their orders take less time to reach them. This would also help reduce financial costs for shipping.

It is also common knowledge that warehouses are saviours when it comes to organisation. Ecommerce warehouses are specifically constructed to store stock safely and securely, as well as ensuring that they are shipped and distributed quickly as possible. The risk of products being stolen and being damaged by temperature changes is also extremely low.

Why should you use a management system?

Ecommerce warehouse management system software’s are hugely beneficial to your online store. You can keep detailed records of your inventory and analyse product data such as demand levels, meaning no more lost items, stock-outs or shipping the wrong product to customers.

 Here at Strip Curtains Direct we can help you on your journey to a fully organised, functional and ecommerce focused warehouse. In collaboration with our sister Company worXmart we have a wide range of workplace equipment, storage and racking to suit all our customers requirements.

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