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July 28, 2021

How to Stop Hot Air Entering Your Cold Store, Freezer Room and Refrigerated Vehicle

When working with cold storage, controlling the temperature is of the upmost importance, as seen with how the Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19 is stored and transported to vaccination centres. This same sort of importance can be seen

The Health and Safety executive lays out why it is important to maintain a low to negative temperature within cold storage facilities. Some of the main priorities outline the importance of remaining lawful and abiding by food hygiene laws as well as how to ensure staff stay safe whilst working in such conditions. To read more about what the Health and Safety Executive advises, follow this link:

With these reasons and purposes for maintaining the conditions of a cold storage facility, it is vital to ensure that hot air does not enter these environments and create unnecessary problems or even failures. When it comes to maintaining the temperature of a cold storage facility, there are preventative measures that you can take. One of the primary methods that we here at Strip Curtains Direct supply is cold storage strip curtains. One of the primary examples of this that we have stocked on Strip curtains Direct is the Super Polar Grade PVC Strip Curtains. With very insulating power, these PVC strip will help conserve and reduce energy loss which means there will be less heat escaping or entering an environment and can be used in temperatures as low as -55°C making it the ideal product for maintaining a controlled environment in freezing cold conditions. With this level of control hot air entering an environment shouldn’t be an issue, and even if it does, these curtains will provide the insulation levels to ensure that the colder temperatures can level out the temperature back to its desired levels.

One other solution that could be used that is considered to be a more secure bet than standard PVC strip curtains are Cold Stop Insulated Curtains. Along with providing up to 33% higher energy saving efficiency rates as well creating a ‘cold lock’ system achieved through a hanging system. This ‘cold lock’ system ensures that the curtains fit neatly to required opening to effectively cover from the ceiling to the floor create a secure and controlled environment, keeping out warm air as well as maintain the temperature within the cold storage facility. The efficiency of the product has been tested at how it keeps out warm air and showed that the air outside of the cold storage area was that of 10°C whilst the air behind the Cold Stop Insulated Curtains was shown to be -21°C thus proving that it is an extremely efficient preventative measure against warm air in cold storage facilities.

For a heftier and more secure option, there are also PVC Crash Doors available. Whilst not purposely designed to keep out heat and maintain a colder temperature such as the other products are, the PVC Crash Doors are designed

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