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June 03, 2022

How to Manage a Heatwave at Work

How to Manage a Heatwave at Work blog

Dealing with a heatwave is taxing in any workplace. Still, it can become an actual hazard when the work being conducted involves physical activity or is based in an environment that produces a lot of heat, to begin with. The Health and Safety Executive states that the ideal temperature in an indoor workroom environment is between 16°C and 13°C. This can be a more challenging goal to achieve if a heatwave occurs. This blog post will provide advice on managing a workplace during a heatwave and ensure that it is still possible to operate in these temperatures and that employees are comfortable in these testing environments. 


In the industrial and catering sector, some of the work environments where the risks of working during a heatwave are amplified. Due to the nature of the work being conducted and the physical demands of these workplaces, it is more likely that the heat will affect employees more directly. Performing work in environments where the too high temperature could lead to heat stress, dehydration, and exhaustion. Thankfully, some measures can ensure the heat does not become too much to bear. The first and one of the most obvious is ensuring fresh air in these environments. This can be achieved by simply having an opening to provide airflow, such as an open window, avoiding standard doors that might heat more effectively. Perforated PVC Strip Curtain materials can also provide a natural airflow whilst also preventing flying pests and insects from passing through, making them ideal for the catering industry as they will provide natural air and ensure that health safety levels are maintained.


The issue with a heatwave is that sometimes, an opening and natural airflow may not be enough to provide a comfortable working environment. Sometimes more significant measures will need to be taken. One of the most effective options to ensure a cooler working environment is to install a cooling system. This could be a series of fans around the workplace to provide airflow to cool employees or something more specific, such as an air conditioning unit. These are some of the most effective measures to ensure that an environment is maintained at a suitable temperature. However, one way of maximising their effectiveness is to combine the system with a PVC strip curtain kit. With the temperature controlling nature that PVC strip curtains can provide, a cooling system with a properly installed PVC strip curtain door will create a maintained and cooler environment for employees to operate within, keeping the heat out and trapping the cool air in said area. 


Although a cool and comfortable working area is vital during a heatwave, other precautions may need to be taken. These measures might involve providing appropriate workwear and insulating materials around hot pipes and plants. It is also advised that sufficient breaks and hydration facilities be made available to employees to avoid exhaustion and dehydration. 


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