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August 05, 2019

How to choose doors for a temperature-controlled environment

There are many businesses out there who rely on maintaining a stable temperature – and they will face several issues when trying to do this. One of the main problems associated with stable temperature maintenance is doorways between areas of two different temperatures, such as a cold store and a warehouse. These access points can have a significant impact on heat transmission and your ability to maintain the required temperature in specific areas. This is why it is so crucial to understanding what products are the most appropriate for your needs.

Is the access point internal or external?

This is a fundamental question to consider when choosing a door or curtain product as it makes a big difference to your choice of product. This is because the temperature difference between an internal and external space will generally be more significant than between two interior spaces. Therefore, a barrier between an internal and external space will need to be able to deal with a broader range of temperatures. An external barrier may also need to have additional features relating to security as well.

How much traffic will be passing through the barrier?

This is another crucial thing to take into account - with traffic not just relating to vehicles but pedestrian traffic as well. A high traffic barrier needs to be able to cope with people passing through it quickly while at the same time, providing an excellent thermal barrier.  This is achieved with the use of PVC Strip Curtain that allows access without the complete unsealing of the door. If the doorway has to deal with a lot of vehicles passing through, then you may want to think about using heavy-duty PVC strip curtains instead.

Internal Medium Traffic Doors

Our polar grade PVC strip curtains are light, flexible but sturdy strips which allow for speedy entry and exit. They will reduce the amount of time the door has to be open, which will reduce the amount of heat loss. Our polar grade plastic strips have been manufactured especially for cold stores, freezer rooms and refrigerated vehicles and are suitable for temperatures ranging from -40c to +25c. These strip curtains are ideally suited for indoor applications such as internal doors for warehouses and refrigeration units.

Internal High Traffic Doors

Our PVC Crash Doors are the ideal solution for high traffic internal doorways.   Manufactured from either 5mm or 7mm thick PVC sheet, they allow people to pass-through quickly and easily. The addition of a heavy-duty steel base plate and stainless-steel top corner plate gives added strength as well as making them impact friendly.  Available in three designs, with our double and tri-panel design featuring a clear top and opaque bottom half for added visibility.

The use of PVC in these doors means that you also get the bonuses of

  • the prevention of airborne pollutants such as dust and insects
  • a reduction in noise pollution as well.

Strip Curtains Direct have been offering high-quality PVC curtains and crash doors for a wide range of industrial applications for many years. We have the expert knowledge you need to make the right choice for your business. For advice on the best strip curtains or crash doors for your business, please give us a call on 0333 999 7171 or email us at