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January 07, 2022

How Strip Curtains Can Help Improve Temperature Control in Food Processing

With the possibility of becoming seriously ill through the consumption of poorly kept and maintained food produce, it is vital that food processing facilities maintain a high level of health and safety excellence. These standards can vary between keeping insects out, ensuring the standards are maintained and that things such as dust are not able to settle on the produce or the machinery used during processing. Such things can be noted in the blog post from C & M Coolroom Services, named “How Can Plastic Strip Curtains Help Your Food Processing Plant?” which notes what sort of factors need to be considered when trying to keep your food processing facility up to the required standards. It prefaces the need for the produce to be edible and safe for consumption, there is a need for the appropriate tools and equipment to achieve the standards required. The blog goes on to explain a great counter to maintaining temperatures, keeping pests and other possibly contagious pollutants out of a food processing facility are PVC strip curtains. “If you want to improve the condition of your food processing plant, then you may want to install some plastic strip curtains.” This leads us on to the focus of our very own blog post today which specifically focuses on the benefits of PVC strip curtains and how they can improve the temperature control in your food processing facility. Dissecting how it operates, what it in turn it achieves and how overall, food processing facilities become more efficient and safer with them in place.

To begin with, we must discuss the issues that come with having a food processing facility where the temperature is not regulated effectively. As with all foods, but especially in the case of meats and poultry products, bacteria are present in most food produce. Although cooking often eliminates and destroys the bacteria due to the extremely high temperatures, if the produce is not stored correctly and the bacteria are allowed to multiply and build up, then cooking will not prevent the issue and it could lead to a case of food poisoning. When food produce is stored in between the temperatures of 5°C and 63°C, bacteria will multiply rapidly, and this risk is greatened when the produce is stored between 20°C and 50°C. With this knowledge, it is simple to discern that if food is kept at room temperature it can result in a huge chance of harmful bacteria multiplying on the produce, in turn leading to possible cases of food poisoning. Although Antimicrobial PVC Strip Curtains would be the best option when maintaining the hygiene levels of the facility with the technology inhibiting and limiting the growth of bacteria and breaking the chain of infection in some instances. The additives seen in the Antimicrobial PVC Strip Curtain range available on Strip Curtains Direct can actively kill bacteria such as Salmonella and MRSA whilst simultaneously preventing the growth of mould and fungi. However, for colder, sub-zero temperatures it might be better to consider a different material of PVC strip curtains.

The material that I am referring to is Super Polar Grade PVC Strip Curtains. Purposely designed to be used in freezer spaces to properly and effectively manage the temperatures seen in freezer spaces. This is vital for food processing as the freezing process effectively stops the action of bacteria which stops bacteria spreading and multiplying. Super Polar Grade PVC Curtains ensure that the temperatures are controlled and maintained, minimising the loss of conditioned air, and keeping produce safer for consumption when ready. As explained before, due to the risk of infection and disease that can come with food that has not been kept properly, it is of the upmost importance for a food processing facility to maintain the highest standards possible when it comes to hygiene and storage. PVC strip curtains can help ensure this is the case, and especially with Super Polar Grade PVC Strip Curtains, the temperature conditions in freezer spaces can be maintained effectively whilst simultaneously preventing external intrusions, such as dust from entering the workspace.

Be sure to check out our different ranges of PVC Strip Curtain materials on our website, but especially in the case of food processing, see our Anti-Microbial PVC range and our Polar/Super Polar Grade PVC range.

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