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March 24, 2017

How Plastic Door Curtains Can Help Reduce Your Energy Costs


Invest in Plastic Door Curtains to Reduce Your Energy Costs.


There have been many reports recently of both gas and electricity cost shooting up, and when this happens many warehouse managers despair as it means their energy bills will increase as well. But don't panic, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure the impact on your cash flow isn't too heavy. This article will cover some of these steps:

Start with an Energy Audit

You won't be able to cut your energy bills unless you can identify exactly where the consumption levels are coming from, and what areas offer you the greatest opportunity for improvement. So, your first step should always be to do an energy audit so that you can find out where energy is being consumed and by how much. An audit that is well done should reveal simple adjustment that you can make, at little or no cost, that can help you to reduce your bills immediately.

Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling Methods

The easiest way to improve your heating and cooling methods is to replace any old units with a newer system which tend to be more energy-efficient. Make sure when you purchase a new unit that you buy one with the highest Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) for your warehouse's cooling capacity. Choosing a system with a clock thermostat that controls the temperature is a good idea as well. This means that during the cooler months you can reduce your gas costs by setting the temperature at different levels depending on the time of day.

Examine Doors and Windows for Energy Loss

If you have old windows and doors in your place, then you are probably wasting a lot of heat during the winter and putting a lot of strain on your air conditioning unit in the summer! If you can afford it, you should replace all your old doors and windows for double paned ones at least.

Another way to salvage the situation without replacing everything is to invest in some plastic door curtains as these are a cost-efficient way to stabilise the temperature inside a building.

Set Your Thermostat to a Lower Temperature

During the cooler months, try setting your heating thermostats a few degrees lower than usual per day. Research has shown that a range of 65f to 68f is the most comfortable to work in. If your thermostat is set to a temperature much above this, then lower it a little bit per day, rather than all at once!  Lowering the temperature just a few degrees each day can reduce your heating bill noticeably. Again, if you have a door curtain installed this will help with keeping the temperature at an acceptable level.

Examine Warehouse Entry Ways and Partitions

Take a good look at the layout and partitioning of your warehouse. By identifying areas that are seldom used or even unused, you might be best partitioning these areas with customer walls made of PVC strip. These walls will not only protect employees from changes in temperature or from the dangers of a hazardous work area, but they will also reduce the amount of space that needs to be heated and can help you reduce your energy bills by anything from 20-40%.

Also take a close look at areas of high-traffic as well. Installing plastic door curtains at the entrance and exit ways of these areas can also help to lower the cost of your energy bills. They are specifically designed to provide easy access to buildings while minimising the temperature flow from the building to the outside and vice versa.

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