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November 05, 2021

How Can Free Flow Curtains Benefit a School?

There are a multitude of benefits to using strip curtain doors in a school. From ease of access to the outside environment, encouraging play and engaging in an environment with fresh air or even as simple as providing a form of air flow and temperature control to a classroom. In an article from Teach Early Years about The Benefits of Sunshine and Fresh Air, it is explained that children going outside in the early years of their development due to the impact on a child’s mental wellbeing, the Vitamin D from the sun and how to operate with others in a more natural environment as compared to the classroom. However, with School Free Flow Curtains, currently available in a variety of sizes from Strip Curtains Direct, children can learn more about colours, how they mix and possibly become more engaged with learning in the classroom due to the bright colours. This blog will go in depth and explain how Free Flow Curtains in a school can benefit the pupils, the students and the establishment and building itself.

There are a variety of free flow curtains available for use which can be used in any building, whether it be in an industrial environment, a factory, office, laboratory or even a school. With the different types of materials, such as Anti-Insect, Super Polar Grade and Antimicrobial PVC Curtains can keep pupils safer from infections and illnesses, such as the common cold or even Covid-19. This is clearly beneficial as pupils will spend less time away from school with illness, which is especially needed after the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected many children’s standard of learning after being forced to learn from home. With the School Free Flow Curtains, they are made up from a variety of different materials for the multicoloured presentation. This provides a variety of benefits beyond keeping insects and infections out. The PVC curtains will control the temperature in the room and keep it level, but will also, as previously mentioned, keep pupils engaged through the different colours in the room. It has been found that colour can affect learning positively by developing pattern recognition, memory and to further absorb new information through visually guiding pupils, helping them recall information faster. With these factors in mind, the School Free Flow Curtains can be extremely beneficial in a school facility for not only learning, but also for health and safety purposes.

Beyond the benefits the free flow curtains offer regarding learning and safeguarding children from possible exterior illness and infections, the School Free Flow Curtains offer easier access to the outdoors. With easy access outdoors and more airflow into the classroom, there is more a natural feel to the environment of the classroom. With a greater connection to the outside environment, children can develop their creativity, problem-solving skills and become more independent and confident in themselves, all of which can be considered huge benefits in encouraging children to be more forthcoming in the classroom. The incentive to go outside would also result in an increase in a pupil’s physical health as there would be more outdoor play, especially as they are alongside other children, developing teamwork skills that will play a vital role in their lives going forward. Children feeling as though they have a greater sense of freedom as compared to when they would typically be inside a classroom and feel that it is mandatory to be there will raise their levels of engagement in what they are being taught and make for more developed pupils going forward.

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