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April 23, 2018

Fly Screens for Businesses

Our Fly Screens Can Help Protect Your Business Premises

Did you know that over 300 flying insects have been identified as a threat to commercial food facilities? From moths, wasps, flying ants and mosquitoes to multiple types of flies, there are a lot of winged pests that can cause issues if you have hygiene standards to adhere to. Both the General Food Law and the Food Safety Act cover good hygiene practices, including protection against contamination and pest control in particular. This is where our range of fly screens and fly screen doors come in. 

Now although our screens and screen doors are described as fly screens, they will keep other types of flying insect out as well. In the food industry, in particular, the focus tends to be on flies, but in reality, many of the pest infestations tend to come from night-flying insects which are attracted to the exterior lights that are often found on food processing plants. If employees are entering and exiting the plant at night, then the insects that are attracted to the light can easily access the facility with the employees.

fly screens keep flies out

Like most creatures, flies are driven by three primary desires: food, shelter and procreation. Things associated with food processing plants that attract flying insects include decaying food in rubbish bins and standing water in drains and crevices. These things can combine to create smells which will attract flies and also provide them with excellent breeding sites. 

Once the fly or other insect are attracted to the facility, then they will find ways to enter it: either through gaps in the window, vents which are unscreened, or open doors.  One of the main entrance points for flies in food processing facilities has been found to be open doors, which are left open while employees 'pop out' to the bin. Our fly screen doors are available in both standard and heavy-duty versions and comply to fire regulations as well, and can be fitted easily.

Even if just one flying insect enters a facility, this can cause issues as it can then find a place to rest and reproduce and you can quickly end up with an infestation. Many food production facilities operate on a 24-hour basis which means that it can be difficult for them to be deep cleaned and sanitised, which compounds the problem. Food processing units running normally can provide flying insects not only food but also breeding areas and places to stay.

As you can see, there are a lot of flying insects that can be attracted to food processing facilities; there are many different ways they can get in, and they can cause a large number of problems once inside. So, how can Strip Curtains Direct help with the problem of flying insects?

  • We can provide you with fast-opening door and window fly screens to prevent flying insects from entering
  • We can offer you fly screens to be installed on any windows or doors that you may wish to open, allowing you to have fresh air in your plant while keeping out the flies.
  • We can offer you strip curtains to install on large entry points such as walk-in freezer doors, which allow for easy access and exit for people while inhibiting the entry of flying insects, dust and dirt.

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