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August 10, 2020

Coronavirus Resources for Retailers

Many businesses have been struggling over the last few months. Social distancing guidelines and lockdown measures have meant that they have been unable to trade as they usually do, especially retailers.  

Here at Strip Curtains Direct, our aim is to help businesses work in a safe and secure way, and we have worked with many retailers over the past few years - with our antimicrobial PVC strip curtains and polar grade curtains being very popular.

Now that the lockdown restrictions are starting to ease and retailers are gradually starting to open up again, we have joined together with our sister site worXmart, to offer our customers COVID-19 products that can help them prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

We have also come up with some top tips to share with retailers in order to help them re-open their stores and start trading again— in a way that is safe for both customers and staff.

Customer Numbers

  • Take a look at your floor space, especially busy areas and pinch points, and decide exactly how many customers you can allow in your store while giving them the space to adhere to the social distancing rules
  • This may mean limiting the number of customers you have in store at any one time, especially in congested areas such as doorways

Customer Advice

  • Encourage customers to shop alone, where possible, unless they need specific assistance
  • Remind customers who are shopping with children that everyone needs to adhere to the social distancing guidelines
  • Encourage customers to use hand sanitizer when they enter and that they should avoid touching products as much as possible

Changes to Store Layout

  • Think about how people usually walk through your store and work out if you could change this using queue management or social distance floor markers to reduce contact and congestion
  • Use outside shelters to allow people to queue safely
  • Make reasonable adjustments to these changes to accommodate those who need help, such as disabled shoppers

Changes to Your services

  • Reduce or suspend any services you usually offer that cannot be undertaken while sticking with the current social distancing guidelines - such as bra fitting or butcher counter services

For more information on any of our COVID-19 products or our range of strip curtains, please call us on 0333 999 7171 or email us at sales