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November 27, 2019

Benefits of Crash Doors

Impact Resistant Doors, which are most commonly known as Crash Doors, are used in many places where there is a need for pedestrians or vehicles to get between two rooms quickly and safely.

PVC Crash Doors come with a great number of inbuilt benefits, such as heat conservation, high operating efficiency, infection prevention, noise pollution and strength. In fact, they are specifically designed to offer durable, reliable and safe operation in industrial and retail environments.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of crash doors in more detail:

#1 Withstand Heavy Impacts and High Traffic

The biggest benefit of crash doors is the fact that they are built to withstand heavy impacts and high traffic. High traffic areas, such as retail environments, will have cages full of stock, forklift trucks and other vehicles frequently passing through doors, and so the door used needs to be strong and able to endure high impact

The crash doors that we sell here at Strip Curtains Direct are all impact friendly and are well known for their durability and mechanical strength. As we have said above, crash doors are specifically designed for areas of heavy-duty and a couple of our designs come with polypropylene bumpers which prevent damage to the door and help guard against heavy traffic.

#2 Support Good Hygiene Practices

Commercial kitchen environments, food, manufacturing, and retail environments all have hygiene as a top priority. All of these premises need to endeavour to undertake good hygiene practices, so everything needs to be easy to clean and disinfect and should also contain protection against external sources of contamination such as bacteria and pests.

A benefit of crash doors is that they are constructed from flexible PVC which prevents bacteria and water absorption. Plus, the smooth surface is easy to keep clean and disinfect and so they are ideal for any areas that need washing down, as they will not rot, rust, swell or warp.

These doors are also great for pest control, as they prevent access to your business from unwanted pests such as rats and mice - particularly useful in food environments.

#3 Help improve operational efficiency and productivity

Many large food businesses will experience high volumes of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on a daily basis. Employees and suppliers will move around stores and warehouses frequently, which is why normal doors are just not ideal in this kind of environment.  Crash doors are specifically designed to help increase productivity by providing easy and smooth access between areas.

PVC is a naturally insulating material which is great for temperature control, which again is beneficial for those areas where household items or food are stored, or areas that are humid. Using crash doors in these areas, therefore, helps to reduce both heat loss and noise pollution.

Crash doors constructed from PVC are not only lightweight but impact-resistant but will never need repainting either - giving them a low lifecycle cost as well.

If you would like to find out more about our PVC Crash Doors or any of our other PVC strip curtain products, please get in touch with us today.