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September 09, 2015

Anti-Microbial Strip Curtains in Food Industries

Well, it’s been an exciting few months here at Strip Curtains Direct, with the whole country waking up to the fact that PVC Strip Curtains are the way forward! Seriously, though, they are so versatile that they have a multitude of uses – especially in an industrial setting. The catering and food processing industries have really got on board by using plastic door curtains recently, due in no small part to the excellent polar grade, and antimicrobial PVC curtain strips that we offer. This area of the market place has increased so much in the past few months that we are excited to announce that we are now supplying some huge household names including McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Subway.

Anti-Microbial Strip Curtains

Anti-Microbial PVC Strip Curtains For Use in the Catering & Food Processing Industries

What is it about Anti-Microbial PVC Curtain Strips that attracts these catering companies? Well, the anti-microbial strips that we produce at Strip Curtains Direct are unique in the marketplace and are produced in association with SteriTouch Ltd and Vinyl Compounds Ltd. The combination of our knowledge means that we have managed to produce a PVC strip curtain that contains a protective anti-microbial barrier through the use of silver ion technology, which protects against a variety of bacteria such as E.coli, Legionella, and Salmonella to name but a few.

All products are sent for independent testing at the end of the manufacturing process in order to establish their antimicrobial performance. Recent test results shared by SteriTouch, reveal that there is a 99.9% efficiency against MRSA and E.coli from each strip. SteriTouch also reveals that the antimicrobial formula used in these curtains has also proven to be very effective against Listeria and Salmonella.

The partnership between SteriTouch, Vinyl Compounds Limited and Strip Curtains Direct has enabled this break-through in the production of anti-microbial curtains. Previously to this, the additive used was only used for cladding walls to provide a hygienic environment. The use of the silver ion technology means that they are released via the use of ambient moisture and thereby enter the cell membrane. Once they are in the cell membranes, they destabilise the cell, stop respiration and inhibit cell division while at the same time blocking DNA replication. The use of silver ions also means that the antimicrobial effect is permanent, and cannot be affected by even the very strongest cleaning chemicals.

The feedback from existing customers has been very positive about this product, and we look forward to servicing many other clients in the future. We have recently signed a contract with Iceland, for example, for a large scale supply fit and maintenance contract featuring our anti-microbial PVC curtain strips, and we look forward to growing this business relationship along with many more.

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