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March 29, 2016

The Use of PVC Strip Curtains in Refrigerated Vehicles

Shipping temperature-sensitive goods is not a new trend, as shippers have been doing this since the 1700s when British fishermen started to use ice to help preserve the fish they caught when out at sea. However, the current focus on 'clean eating' and organic foods that are good for us, has increased demand for perishable products on a worldwide scale. As industrial plastic curtain suppliers, we are aware that correctly maintaining the temperature of perishable products, such as vegetables, fruits and protein-based products, is essential in order to comply with safety regulations and to ensure the quality of goods is maintained. This is important throughout the food chain, from harvesting or manufacturing the product to the point where it ends up with the customer.

Refrigerated truck

Failing to maintain the correct temperature at any point in the shipping process can lead to bruising, discolouration, degradation and microbial growth. Each step along the cold chain therefore requires special care and attention to ensure that shelf life is optimised and product quality is ensured. With our involvement in manufacturing and logistics, as a provider of plastic strip curtains, we have seen huge improvements in cold chain practices over the last few years alone. Lots more docks are refrigerated now, for example, which has done away with the problem of goods sitting at hot docks whilst awaiting shipment to a cold warehouse. We have also noted that in the past, fresh produce tended to be shipped with dry and frozen products; they are now shipped in separate loads. This is much better for the goods as they can all, be transported at the correct temperature. This is something that we have tried to help with, with the introduction of our sliding rail system.

Plastic door strips can play a huge role in cold chain logistics, as maintaining the correct temperature for a products right from harvest to the consumer can be a long and involved process. Each partner in this chain - from farmer to retailer - has to share ultimate responsibility for getting the temperature right. For example, installing PVC strip curtains on a sliding rail in a truck will help to keep the ambient temperature constant, but they won't be able to help bring the goods to the optimal temperature. Therefore, if the shipment is not prepared adequately, then its quality may be compromised before it even gets into the truck. Everyone involved in the shipping of temperature sensitive goods needs to, therefore, handle the products appropriately, monitor any equipment regularly and ensure proper storage - it really is a 24/7 job!

PVC Strip Curtains can certainly play a part in the correct storage and transportation of perishable products, and this part is set to grow as the demand for perishable goods continues to grow. The energy used for refrigeration purposes can be expensive, and so using plastic door strips and sliding rails in trucks is one way to improve efficiencies, while still reducing spoilage.

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