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Workbench Service Duct for efficient cable management and organised workspace in industrial settings.

    Binary Workbench Service Duct

      Additional information
      • Complete with unwired 2-twin switched 13 amp sockets
      • Pierced for ELCB
      • You will need to supply the appropriate 13 amp earthed cabling

      Streamline your workspace with the Workbench Service Duct, designed to efficiently manage cables, wires, and other utilities. 

      This service duct integrates seamlessly with your workbench, providing a tidy and organised solution for routing and protecting electrical and data cables. Constructed from durable materials, it ensures long-lasting performance and safety in industrial and commercial environments. The Workbench Service Duct helps reduce clutter, prevent cable damage, and improve your workspace's overall safety and efficiency. 

      Ideal for workshops, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities, this service duct enhances the functionality and appearance of your workbench setup.