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Image displaying Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains, 200mm wide and 2mm thick, designed to repel pests while allowing light and air to pass, suitable for food industry and outdoor spaces.
Custom-sized Anti-Insect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip, designed for efficient pest control and easy integration with existing setups, ensuring a clean and insect-free environment.
Image showcasing the durable Stainless Steel Strip Hanging Rail, designed for the secure and stable mounting of PVC strip curtains in various settings, illustrating its sleek design and robust construction.

    Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtains 200mm x 2mm

      Additional information
      • Energy-saving strip curtain
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Specifically formulated for the control of pests and flying insects
      • Pedestrian or light vehicle use
      • PVC strips with a 36% overlap
      • Coloured warning strips are also available
      • Face fixed or under lintel fixed
      • Easy to install
      • Suitable for temperatures from -55c - +38c
      • Buy in multiples to cover the area required

      Keep your workspace pest-free with our Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtains 200mm. Specifically designed to repel insects while ensuring seamless access and optimal airflow, these strip curtains are an ideal addition to businesses where hygiene and comfort are crucial, such as food service areas, manufacturing plants, and healthcare facilities.

      Advanced Insect Repellent Properties

      Our anti insect PVC strip curtains have unique properties that effectively deter a wide range of insects, preventing them from entering your premises. This innovative approach ensures a hygienic environment, significantly reducing the risk of contamination and enhancing the overall quality of your workspace.

      Optimise Light and Airflow

      While traditional pest control methods can obstruct ventilation and light, our PVC strip curtains maintain a bright and airy environment. The transparent strips allow natural light to pass through while keeping unwanted pests out, ensuring your space remains well-lit and ventilated.

      Durable and Low-maintenance

      Designed for durability, our 200mm anti insect PVC strip curtains withstand the daily demands of busy environments. They are easy to install and maintain, offering a long-term solution to your pest control needs. Cleaning is straightforward, ensuring your curtains can continue to repel insects effectively over time.

      Customisable for Perfect Fit

      Our versatile PVC strip curtains suit your specific needs. Whether you need to cover a standard doorway or a larger opening, these curtains can be tailored to meet your requirements, providing a perfect fit and maximum protection against insects.

      Enhance Your Workplace with Practical Solutions

      Upgrade your pest control measures with our Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains 200mm. Visit Strip Curtains Direct to discover how our solutions can help maintain a clean, comfortable, and pest-free environment for your business. Say goodbye to insects and hello to a healthier workspace today.

      Installation video (Face Fix):


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