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Anti Insect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 3mm

    Anti Insect PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 3mm

      Additional information
      • Energy-saving strip curtain
      • Effective temperature control
      • Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
      • Specifically formulated for the control of pests and flying insects
      • PVC strips with a 36% overlap
      • Coloured warning strips also available
      • Suitable for temperatures from -55c - +38c

      Upgrade your workspace with our AntiInsect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 3mm. It is specifically designed to safeguard your premises from insects while ensuring optimal hygiene and comfort. It is ideal for food processing areas, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and any space where maintaining a pest-free environment is essential.

      Superior Insect Repellent Technology

      Our anti-insect PVC curtain replacement strips are infused with a special formula that repels flying insects. This reduces the risk of contamination and enhances the cleanliness of your space. By incorporating these strips into your existing barriers, you create an effective deterrent against unwanted pests without resorting to harsh chemicals.

      Durable and Transparent

      Crafted from high-quality materials, these PVC curtain replacement strips offer durability and clarity, ensuring your spaces remain bright and inviting while protected from pests. The 3mm thickness provides a robust barrier in high-traffic areas, resisting wear and tear and maintaining effectiveness over time.

      Easy Integration and Installation

      Designed for convenience, our Anti-Insect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip can be easily integrated into your existing curtain systems. The universal fit and straightforward installation process allows for quick replacements, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous protection against insects.

      Environmental and Cost-Effective Solution

      Embrace an environmentally friendly approach to pest control with our PVC strips, avoiding the need for chemical repellents while ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for staff and visitors. This cost-effective solution offers long-term savings by reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering pest control expenses.

      Maintain a Clean, Pest-Free Environment

      Ensure your facilities meet health and safety standards with our Anti-Insect Grade PVC Curtain Replacement Strip 300mm x 3mm. Visit Strip Curtains Direct today to enhance your pest control measures and maintain a clean, welcoming, and compliant workspace.