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Vermatik RapidZAP 20W Electric Fly Zapper

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You can keep control of flying insects all year round with this mains powered Vermatik Insect Killer. It is ideal for use in the home, office and other commercial outlets. The ultraviolet lamps attract the flying insects into the electrically charged grid and fall into the removable easy to clean tray. The Zapper runs on low energy bulbs so great for flying insect control at very low operating costs. Crafted using high-quality aluminium alloy, the Vermatik Electric Bug Zapper offers maximum protection from all kinds of flying insects, including mosquitos, wasps, flies, and more!

The Vermatik RapidZAP 20W Electric Fly Zapper Is ideal for controlling flying insects in the home, office or commercial premises.

• Room Coverage 75m2
• Keeps your premises free of flying insects
• No need for other chemical based deterrants
• Reduces bug bites
• Food Safe
• Product Dimensions: 400mm(L) x 260mm(H) x 85mm(W)

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