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Access Equipment

Here at Strip Curtains Direct, we have a wide range of access equipment for working at height safely and securely. 

Safety has to be the most crucial factor when your employees use access equipment to work at height. Therefore, investing in high-quality access equipment is a great way to ensure you adhere to working at height regulations and keep your employees and yourself safe. 

Working at height is dangerous if a person is not adequately trained or uses inappropriate equipment for the job at hand. Numerous hazardous scenarios can be avoided as long as the proper access equipment is used.

The safest working conditions must establish the correct height for the task. Working on a ladder that is too short or tall is hazardous as both of these scenarios will lead to overreaching. This makes it far more likely that your employee will lose their balance or tip over the equipment they are standing on. 

Strip Curtains Direct work with some of the most trusted suppliers of access equipment globally. So, you can shop with confidence that you are getting top quality ladders and step stools. 

Buy access equipment from Strip Curtains Direct to ensure safe working at height with products that will stand the test of time and serve you well for years to come.