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Tempro® Roll Cage Covers & Liners

Tempro® Roll Cage Covers and Liners

The Tempro® Roll Cage Covers and Liners have contributed massive savings to many industries when using ambient vehicles for the trasportation of chilled, frozed and ambient products. 

Our Tempro® Cage Covers are excellent at keeping chilled or frozen goods in their own environment for extended periods. 

  • Tempro® Covers enable mixed temperature loads on any vehicle to provide significant cost savings.
  • Tempro® Covers can be closed using Velcro, Zips or produced sleeve style.
  • Tempro® Cage Covers are tailor made, but some sizes are available ex-stock.
  • Tempro® Covers save time by-passing Cold Rooms and reduce labour and transport costs by 60%.
  • Palletised goods will be temperature protected.
  • Working lives of covers can be extended by repair or the covers can be recycled.
  • Tempro® Covers offer outstanding Thermal Protection in alien conditions.
  • Tempro® Cage Covers and Liners are lightweight, store easily and have optional carry handles. 

External material is Blue PU Nylon and White PU Nylon internally. Insulation grade is TF25 Standard Tempro® with an intrinsic thermal resistance of 0.66m²K/W. Tempro® is Fire Retardant to BS 5867: Pt 2 1980.


Thermal Information

Below is a table showing the results attained by Campden BRI during testing:

Figures may be improved when Tempro® is matched with different face or lining materials or if a heavier Tempro® core specification is demanded.

Tempro® Technical information and trial results available.


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